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First Response has restored hundreds of homes damaged by fire, water and wind, which in some cases required rebuilding parts of the property severely damaged by the disaster. In some cases, the restoration process required that the structure be stripped of everything but the framing and rebuilt from there. National First Response has also built homes from the ground up in cases where the property was a total disaster.  Here are a few examples of the homes we have restored.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Sam K. – Broken water line flooded home

When the water supply line to her master bathroom toilet burst Sam was hundreds of miles away on business. Water flowed from her upstairs bathroom for days. When water started to flow out of the garage, neighbors shut off the main water line, but by then it was too late. When Sam finally arrived home, she found her well-appointed house flooded. The upstairs carpets were soaked. The ceiling was down in the living room, kitchen and garage. Dozens of items were water-logged. “I was in a state of shock for hours,” Sam says.

The restoration took several months, requiring entire walls and floors to be removed and replaced and hours of work on her personal possessions – like a photograph of her beloved sister and several antique clocks.

“I thought the National First Response people were great and very accommodating to me,” she says. “I wanted my house back the way it was and they did that. I’m so happy to be back in my home.”

A. Lunderstedt – Broken Water Heater Floods Home

When the hot water heater in the Lunderstedt’s garage broke the water not only flooded the garage but was heavy enough to seep into an adjacent bedroom, dampening the walls and carpet. National First Response quickly assessed the damage, developed a restoration plan that was approved by their insurance company, and went to work.

“Very impressive service,” says Mr. Lunderstedt. “We were impressed with National First Response’s service every step of the way! The work was done in a timely manner by employees who went out of their way to be courteous and efficient. We cannot say enough great things! When we remodel our house, we will definitely be calling them!”

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