Flood and Damage Caused by a Bursting Water Heater?

The immediate flood and damage caused by a bursting water heater can be a traumatic experience to a home or business. National First Response has a team of dedicated technicians with decades of experience to serve the Greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, Chandler, Mesa, Gilbert, Queen Creek, Ahwatukee, and surrounding areas. It is with many years of experience under our belts, that we understand the commitment, skill, and customer service necessary to restore your family’s property and sense of security. National First Response is a residential and commercial emergency provider offering a broad range of emergency and non-emergency services, we fully guarantee every job we do.

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Why National First Response Water Heater Repair?

Our plumbers operate in accordance with industry standards and local building codes. We are also a full scale water heater repair and restoration company with the manpower to remediate the resulting water and restore the damage it caused. From mold detection to drywall, flooring, cabinets, paint and trim, we are Arizona’s first choice in water damage.

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Water Heater Repair

Water Damage Restoration Process

Immediate action by a member of our 24/7 Disaster Response Team—who will respond within 60 minutes of your call—begins with identifying the source of the water and preventing any further damage. Next comes precisely determining the extent of the water damage, and then drafting a detailed restoration plan for returning your property, furnishing and personal property to pre-loss condition.

Moving forward may include removing water-damaged items—including drywall, flooring, cabinets or furnishings—then thoroughly drying the structure, and restoring (which includes cleaning, repairing and treating) those furnishing and personal property impacted by the flood. We work closely with you to ensure than your insurance carrier, and the adjuster they send, fully understand the extent of the damage and why each and every action in the restoration and water remediation plan is necessary to return your property to normal.

Even a small amount of water damage can have a tremendous impact on your property. Water that enters your property—from a leaking hot-water heater, a broken pipe or from storm water coming in from a damaged roof—begins an immediate assault on your structure, interior furnishing and personal belongings. The immediate damage is bad enough but if the moisture is not addressed quickly and correctly, the health of everyone who enters your property can be jeopardized by growing mold.

National First Response stops the water from creating more damage, and begins to restore your possessions and home, returning them to the condition they were in before the water came.

Our Clean Trust-certified water restoration technicians are experts at restoring even the most water damaged properties, which National First Response has done for hundreds of home owners and commercial property owners. We also are well trained in restoring your personal property, everything from:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Electronics
  • Documents
  • Photographs
  • Clothing
  • Computers
  • Heirlooms

Our experienced technicians ensure that your property and possessions are restored as quickly and as thoroughly as possible, helping you get back to living the life you had before the disaster.

When water damage is treated quickly and correctly the impacted can be contained. If not treated quickly then the potential for the spread of mold greatly increases. In most flood conditions—that is wet and high relative humidity—mold spores typically begin growing within 24 hours. Mold spores can spread quickly, and because they are airborne, can travel to any part of your home, even those untouched by water. Even if mold spores have gotten a toehold in your home, our certified technicians can stop their advance with quick remediation actions, thereby limiting the impact on the rest of your home.

One of the greatest dangers that come with leaks or flooding is its insidious partner toxic mold (also known as black mold). Mold can start to grow behind your walls, in your carpet and under your cabinets within 24 hours of flooding. Once mold spores have established themselves in your house they can spread rapidly, endangering not only the structure but your health.

Even if you can’t see the mold there are telltale signs it is there. A stuffy nose, headaches, irritated eyes and skin, and difficulty breathing or shortness of breath are all signs that mold is present. Most at risk of serious health problems from exposure to toxic mold (that is, those molds that produce mycotoxins) are immune-compromised individuals, people with asthma, pregnant women, infants and the elderly.

Disaster Response Team

One of our Clean Trust-certified mold remediation experts will assess the severity of the mold outbreak (using, among other tools, a moisture meter and humidity gauge) and draft a plan for how to eradicate it from your home. First steps include determining the source of the moisture, isolating the outbreak from unaffected areas, and then quickly reducing the moisture levels. The restoration plan that National First Response creates may require removing porous items—like drywall, carpet and furniture—with high moisture readings. National First Response uses an incredibly strong but environmentally safe fungicide to kill the mold spores and to create a lasting barrier to its return.

Saving Your Property’s Value

As with any other major issue with your home, the presence of toxic mold is certain to impact your property’s value, especially if it has not been properly addressed. The issue can’t be ignored; the existence of mold is something any smart homebuyer would ask about before finalizing the sale (and something likely to be discovered in a thorough home inspection).

Upon completion of our services, we will issue you a Certificate of Completion that documents that your mold issue was remediated by National First Response using standards and practices set forth by the Clean Trust (formerly known as the IICRC, the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) the EPA, and state and local regulations.

Water Heater Repair

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Customer Reviews

Everything from the first call to the final punch items was handled professionally, with care, and compassion. Having access to the clamsparency.com helped us to keep track of the work progress and helped calm our anxiety. Thanks for all the hard work.

David A.

National First Response worked with our insurance company to reduce the stress of the situation for us. We were 110% satisfied with all of the work completed by National First Response and would highly recommend them. Thank you!

Barbara E

Chris Owens took a situation that was difficult on our family and made it light-hearted, fun, and easy. In addition to the physical repairs, Chris and his team clearly cared about our family’s well-being. I could not compliment him or his team enough.

Ian and Kelly L.
Water Heater Repair
Water Heater Repair